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PSVANE HIFI 811A Single One | $26.00 USD 811A is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode high ยต triode, can be used as high-frequency oscillation power amplification. 811 is similar to 811A, they can be exchanged each other. Heater Uf————————————–6.3 V … Continue reading

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PSVANE HiFi Series

PSVANE HIFI EL34 $75.00/Matched Quad Order PSVANE HIFI 2A3B $94.00/Matched pair Order PSVANE HIFI 274B $95.00/PC Order PSVANE HIFI 211 $110.00/matched pair Order PSVANE HIFI 300B $145.00/matched pair Order PSVANE HIFI 845 $140.00/matched pair Order PSVANE HIFI 845B $200.00/matched pair … Continue reading

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Shuguang HiFi Series

12AX7 $17.00/2pcs Order 12AX7-I $20.00/2pcs Order 12AX7-III $20.00/2pcs Order 12AX7B/ECC83 $18.00/2pcs Order 12AX7M $20.00/2pcs Order 12BH7 $21.00/2pcs Order 12AU7/ECC82 $17.50/2pcs Order 12AT7/ECC81 $17.50/2pcs Order 7025 $21.00/2pcs Order 211(Al base) 102.00/matched pair Order 274B 25.00/PC Order 2A3B 84.50/matched pair Order 2A3C … Continue reading

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Vacuum Tubes

Psvane replica Series Psvane Treasure Mark II Series Psvane Treasure Series Psvane HiFi Series Shuguang Replica Series Shuguang Natural Sound Series Shuguang Treasure Series Shuguang HiFi Series TJ Full Music Tubes Genalex Gold Lion Tubes Electro-Harmonix Tubes Guiguang Series Special … Continue reading

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