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Shuguang tube Reviews

Shuguang Natural Sound KT88-T,12AU7-T & CV181-T =========================================================== by Scott Apr 30, 2016 Hi Linda, I received my order of Shuguang Natural Sound KT-88s, 12AU7s, and CV-181 in only 6 days since ordering. Thank you! Wow! They sound great and my … Continue reading

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psvane TC1

Do you need such a tube power amp? – Absolutely first-class product. The quality, technology, grade and after-sales service are guaranteed. – The Power reaches to more than 35w and makes you not be worry about acoustics. – The sound … Continue reading

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Mostly we see this

Mostly we see this in puppies or young dogs and fortunately they often outgrow it on their own. I don’t think there has ever been a definitive cause discovered for this issue, but there have been many theories such as … Continue reading

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