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Psvane T211

Vacuum tube amplifier series: born for more than a year, praised highly by the music lovers all over the 40 countries worldwide . Although high costs, we always persevere in creating artworks . If you need to set up a … Continue reading

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Shuguang WE6SL7

Shuguang WE6SL7 Matched Pair | $155.00 USD

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Shuguang WE6SN7

Shuguang WE6SN7 Matched Pair | $155.00 USD

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Shuguang Replica WE211

Shuguang WE211 Matched Pair | $415.00 USD Matched Quad | $840.00 USD Customer feedback =========================================================== The new ShuGuang 211 Replicas arrived today… They first brought dismay, then a relaxed smile, then confidence and finally ecstasy. Dismay because when I first … Continue reading

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Shuguang Replica WE845(Replica Western electric 284D)

Shuguang WE845 Single One | $220.00 USD Matched Pair | $420.00 USD Matched Quad | $850.00 USD Shuguang WE845 Reviews =========================================================== It is a little confusing because, while both versions are copies of the Western Electric 284, the Psvane WE845 … Continue reading

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Psvane tube Reviews

Psvane CV181-T ====================================================================== by h8-2 Mar 14, 2016 Smooth sound I was using Shuguang Black Treasure CV-181-Z and thought I’d try the Psvanes. I prefer the Black Treasures because they have a wider stage and more extended highs. The Treasures … Continue reading

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Shuguang tube Reviews

Shuguang Natural Sound KT88-T,12AU7-T & CV181-T =========================================================== by Scott Apr 30, 2016 Hi Linda, I received my order of Shuguang Natural Sound KT-88s, 12AU7s, and CV-181 in only 6 days since ordering. Thank you! Wow! They sound great and my … Continue reading

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TJ Full Music Tubes

FullMusic 12AX7/ECC83 65.00/Matched pair Order FullMusic 12AU7/ECC82 65.00/Matched pair Order FullMusic 12BH7 115.00/Matched pair Order FullMusic 6SL7/ECC35 120.00/Matched pair Order FullMusic 6SN7/ECC32 120.00/Matched pair Order FullMusic 274A/N 128.00/PC Order FullMusic 274A/N/+ 225.00/PC Order FullMusic 274B 118.00/PC Order FullMusic 274B/N 128.00/PC … Continue reading

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Psvane Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Psvane TC1 $680.00/SET Order Psvane TC3 $900.00/SET Order Psvane TS845 $3080.00/SET Order Psvane T211 $2800.00/SET Order Psvane TL805 $3280.00/SET Order Psvane TL417 $2180.00/SET Order Psvane TL845 $3600.00/SET Order Psvane T417 $3500.00/SET Order Psvane T845 $4980.00/SET Order Psvane T300 $3980.00/SET Order

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Feedback of Psvane WE211

First of all, – thank you very much for excellent customer service. The matched quad of Psvane WE 211 replicated version arrived to my private address already previous Tuesday, i.e 13 th of May.  I have now played music / … Continue reading

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