Direct thermal power dual triode cathode used in A1, AB1 amplify.
2A3C 2A3B structure is similar to the tube, use of the 300B-98 of the glass, the die using a three-mica fixed, it’s a good shock resistance, and 2A3B, like sweet music is smooth, rich layers of small and medium power HIFI preferred Sound of its shape resembles 300B-98 is even more wonderful music while enjoying access to the visual enjoyment. 2A3B/2A3C two interchangeable substitute.

2A3C 2A3B slender tube is used the core, together with the double-layer structure of mica, glass 300B into the high degree of transparency, the new spring filament fixed, ultra-high vacuum exhaust, stable and reliable, from the appearance resembles 300B, but it There are many lovely details, double fixed mica, so that it more firmly within the control of the microphone effect of the production, translucent quartz glass decorated with gold pins, it is very amplifier, the most popular is a unique musical expression

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