Shuguang HiFi Series

12AX7 $17.00/2pcs Order
12AX7-I $20.00/2pcs Order
12AX7-III $20.00/2pcs Order
12AX7B/ECC83 $18.00/2pcs Order
12AX7M $20.00/2pcs Order
12BH7 $21.00/2pcs Order
12AU7/ECC82 $17.50/2pcs Order
12AT7/ECC81 $17.50/2pcs Order
7025 $21.00/2pcs Order
211(Al base) 102.00/matched pair Order
274B 25.00/PC Order
2A3B 84.50/matched pair Order
2A3C 108.00/matched pair Order
300B-98 138.00/matched pair Order
300B-98B $200.00/matched pair Order
300BA 200.00/matched pair Order
300BC 210.00/matched pair Order
300BS 220.00/matched pair Order
350C 66.00/matched quad Order
572B 80.00/PC Order
5881A 65.00/matched quad Order
5U4G 20.00/pc Order
5AR4 20.00/pc Order
5Y3GT 20.00/pc Order
6550A-98 114.00/Matched quad Order
6550B 114.00/Matched quad Order
6146b 64.00/2pcs Order
6L6WGB 57.00/matched quad Order
6L6GC 55.00/matched quad Order
6V6GT 46.00/matched quad Order
6SN7GT 15.00/PC Order
805A 105.00/matched pair Order
805 100.00/matched pair Order
807/FU-7 24.00/PC Order
811A/FU-811 34.00/PC Order
812 35.00/matched pair Order
845(Al base) 138.00/matched pair Order
845B(Cu base) 160.00/matched pair Order
845C(Cu base) 190.00/matched pair Order
EL34B 52.00/matched quad Order
EL34M 60.00/matched quad Order
EL84 20.00/matched pair Order
KT66 93.00/matched quad Order
KT88-98 135.00/matched quad Order
GEKT88(GE replica) 180.00/matched quad Order
KT100 130.00/matched quad Order
KT100A 150.00/matched quad Order
EL156 120.00/matched pair Order

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