Psvane Treasure Mark II 845-T

PSVANE Treasure Mark II 845-T

Psvane Treasure Mark II 845-T

Psvane Treasure Mark II 845-T

Psvane Treasure Mark II 845-T

    • Crystallized carbon grey coating inside the tube (only on EL34, KT88, 300B, 2A3 and CV181 aka 6SN7) : This makes the TII series tubes to be a ‘grey bottle’, not a ‘black bottle’. The Crystallized carbon coating technology used in vacuum tubes have been patented by Psvane Audio in China and pending abroad. The benefit of the Crystallized Carbon coating will improve on absorbing random electrons inside the vacuum tube and dissipating heat more efficiently under extreme temperature, which will further enhance the stability of the vacuum tubes.

      Teflon Base with Oxidized Aluminum Collar: instead of using fragile ceramic base, the TII series tubes use low conductance and highly durable Teflon materials for the base (no including the guide pin in the middle) to improve on anti-corrosion and anti-breakage. The brass-color sandy Oxidized aluminum collar around the Teflon base is anti-corrosion as well – no more finger prints and oxidization on the tube base with time of use, and your tubes will maintain a prestige condition for a long time.

      Product logo engraved on the base, not printed on the glass enclosure: As many tube amps have tube sockets installed in various directions based on circuit layout, previously the printed logo on the black bottle tubes may face inconsistent directions. TII series have logo only engraved on the base so your amp will maintain a consistent and highly desirable appearance for all TII series tubes.

      Higher quality glass enclosure: Higher quality glass is used for the new TII series to offer a better hand feel of the tubes, plus slightly heavier weight (approx 10% among all models) than previous series.

      Last but not least – Sound Quality not a tiny bit less: TII series offers not a tiny bit less sound quality than the previous T-series. The new coating materials offer an even better music presentation in terms of minor 3D imaging improvement, layering and clarity. You will not lose anything in terms of sound by going for the latest and newest TII series if T-series are phased out and will gain all the greatly improved workmanship mentioned above.

845-TII is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, class A1 and AB1
Uf—————————————10 V
If—————————————-3.25 A
Maximum Rating
Ua———————————-1250 V
Pa——————————-75 W
Pout(max.sig)————————–150 W
Ia(max)——————————120 mA;
Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
input———————————-6 PF
output———————————-4.5 PF
grid to plate———————————-14.5 PF
Static parameter
Ua————————————–1250 V
—Ug————————————-200 V
Ia—————————————80 mA
Gm————————————–3 mA/V
ri—————————————-1.7 KΩ
RL—————————————3.4 KΩ
Ug(pk)————————————69 V
Pout————————————-15 W

Recommended Operating Conditions(reference value
class A1 .single tube:
Ua—–1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug— 145 155 209 V
RL—–6 9 16 KΩ
Ia——90 65 52 mA
Gm—–3.1 — — mA/V
Ug(pk)–— 110 148 V
ri——1.7 1.9 2.1 KΩ
Pout—-24 21 24 W
Push-pull.class AB1:
Ua—————— 800 1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug—————- 125 170 175 225 V
RL—————— 4.5 4.6 4.6 6.6 KΩ
Ia——————–80 70 40 40 mA
Ug(pk)—————-177 240 — — V
Ia(mAx.sig)———170 230 230 240 mA
Pout—————-40 75 75 115 W

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