Psvane Treasure 211-T
Psvane Treasure 211-T

    Improved structure over the old Shuguang 211 model for safe shipping, wider diameter (2 1/2″) for stability and quick heat dissipation, gold coated brass base to improve shielding to interference, gold coated pins to enhance connection over long term,All parts are selected to the highest grade plus only highly experienced workers to assemble, suggested burn-in time is 75 hours.

211-T is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, can be used as class A, B and C.
Uf————————————–10 V
If—————————————3.25 A

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
input———————————-6 PF
output———————————-5.5 PF
grid to plate———————————-14.5 PF
Static parameter
Ua————————————–1250 V
—Ug————————————70 V
Ia————————————–100 mA
Gm————————————-3.8 mA/V
RL————————————–7 KΩ
Pout————————————10 W
Recommended Operating Conditions ( reference value)
class A(A-F) for two tubes:
typical working condition limited parameter
Ua——–750 1000 1250 1250 V
Pa—————————-75 W
—Ug——-46 61 80 V
Ug(pk)—–41 56 75 V
Ia(0)——-34 53 60 mA
ri———4.4 3.8 3.6 KΩ
RL——–8.8 7.6 9.2 KΩ
Pout——-5.6 12 19.7 W

Push-pull. class B(A-F)
typical working condition limited parameter
Ua—————— 1000 1250 1250 V
Ia (mAx.sig per tube)——————-175 mA
Pa (in) (mAx.sig per tube)————— 220 W
Pa (per tube)————————- 100 W
—Ug——————72 95 V
Ug(pk)—————–380 410 V
Ia (0)——————20 20 mA
Ia(mAx.sig)———–320 320 mA
Pd(mAx.sig)————7.5 8 W
RL(a—a)—————6.9 9 KΩ
Pout——————200 260 W

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