PSVANE Treasure Series

Notice:For the premium grade tube, the parameter and appearance are both better than the classic grade. Premium grade is gift box packing, classic grade is paper box packing.

Psvane 300B-T $305.00/Matched pair Order
Psvane KT88-T $295.00/Matched Quad Order
Psvane 2A3-T $235.00/Matched Pair Order
Psvane 6CA7-T/EL34 $220.00/Matched Quad Order
Psvane CV181-T/6SN7 $145.00/Matched Pair Order
Psvane 845-T/ $400.00/Matched Pair Order
Psvane 211-T/ $320.00/Matched Pair Order
Psvane 805-T/ $180.00/Matched Pair Order

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