Psvane WE845,Western 284A Replicated Version

    • Since the WE300B came in 2011, Psvane R&D team has been never stopping on WE845 and WE211. By the end of 2012, WE845 sample compromising the merits of WE284A and RCA845 came into the world, a Japanese commentator for audio magazines made the following comments on it after listened it: “I am so lucky that I live to listen to the sound competitive enough to the original RCA845, I hope that PSVANE team can make more progress to improve this sound to the level of WE284.” PSVANE R&D team has never stopped the efforts on it, even determined to postphone the time of its launch so as to further improve its performance, after several months for tests and a long-expected the WE845 and WE211 finally come. If you are 845 or 211 fans, they are absolutely your best choice.
Psvane WE845

Psvane WE845,Western 284A Replicated Version
Psvane WE845,Western 284A Replicated Version
Psvane WE845,Western 284A Replicated Version

WE845 is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, class A1 and AB1
Uf—————————————10 V
If—————————————-3.25 A
Maximum Rating
Ua———————————-1250 V
Pa——————————-75 W
Pout(max.sig)————————–150 W
Ia(max)——————————120 mA;
Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
input———————————-6 PF
output———————————-4.5 PF
grid to plate———————————-14.5 PF
Static parameter
Ua————————————–1250 V
—Ug————————————-200 V
Ia—————————————80 mA
Gm————————————–3 mA/V
ri—————————————-1.7 KΩ
RL—————————————3.4 KΩ
Ug(pk)————————————69 V
Pout————————————-15 W

Recommended Operating Conditions(reference value
class A1 .single tube:
Ua—–1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug— 145 155 209 V
RL—–6 9 16 KΩ
Ia——90 65 52 mA
Gm—–3.1 — — mA/V
Ug(pk)–— 110 148 V
ri——1.7 1.9 2.1 KΩ
Pout—-24 21 24 W
Push-pull.class AB1:
Ua—————— 800 1000 1000 1250 V
—Ug—————- 125 170 175 225 V
RL—————— 4.5 4.6 4.6 6.6 KΩ
Ia——————–80 70 40 40 mA
Ug(pk)—————-177 240 — — V
Ia(mAx.sig)———170 230 230 240 mA
Pout—————-40 75 75 115 W

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