Auction products

Please read the following rules carefully before bidding:
1、Before bidding, please fill in your correct name and email, so that we can contact you after the auction.
2、Each bid increase must be an integer multiple of 5, such as 5, 10, 15 …, If you do not meet the standard bidding format, we will consider the auction invalid, we have the right to delete the invalid bid information.
standard format:I offer $ 5
3、We only accept us dollars via Paypal
4、When the specified time is reached, the highest bid is successful, please contact us to complete the payment within 3 days. Otherwise, we believe that the auction failed, the second highest bid is successful, and so on.
5、Default Shipment is China Post(15-25 days arrive), freight cost is $10.00, if you want upgrade to DHL, please contact

Product Name Original price Started price Deadline Action
Shuguang WE274B $100 $1 2017-02-15 24pm I want to bid
Golden Voice 300B+ $180 $1 2017-02-01 24pm overdue
Golden Voice KT88+ $200 $1 2017-02-04 24pm overdue

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