Shuguang tube Reviews

Shuguang Natural Sound KT88-T,12AU7-T & CV181-T
by Scott
Apr 30, 2016

Hi Linda,

I received my order of Shuguang Natural Sound KT-88s, 12AU7s, and CV-181 in only 6 days since ordering. Thank you!

Wow! They sound great and my amplifier never sounded better. There is just so much more detail now compared to the Tung Sol KT-120 tubes with Black Treasure CV-181 and Psvane 12AU7s. Wider soundstage and deeper layering. Vocals are the absolute best I have heard on my system. And I only have 7 hours of time on Natural Sound tubes. Very happy with my purchase and thank you again. Scott

Shuguang HIFI 2A3C feedback
by kennykhkim
Apr 09, 2016
2A3 Chinese product most close to RCA’s sound
Everybody knows Chinese VT has enough beautiful high top but some are in the opinion that low end is not so. I listen to this new tube more than a week to know this one is pleasantly sparkling at high top and pretty punchy and deep low bassy just like RCA’s original 2A3 and at least far more fluorescent than Russian origin ones. Very good sound quality! Bottle is bigger than RCA… a Glamourous look.
Truly recommendable as the best 2A3 choice by the 100 USD sum budget. Enjoy~

Shuguang HIFI 12AX7B feedback
Great valve for the price.
Surely the best value.
Shuguang is refining their methods of production and are becoming a good, beautiful and cheap tube.
Bought it for the amplifier, which is the a VHT GP3 preamp and a VHT 2902 Power amp.
Nothing disklike. It is a very compatible tube for this amp. I hope that they can have a Ruby high grade version. but apparently they look pretty the same.
Chinese tube is always the best, compare to JJ. I don’t like the dark side of JJ. And JJ sounds just too compressed.

Shuguang Natural Sound KT88-T feedback
NIce sound
Nice sound. Good looks.
HIgh quality finish.Shipping was fast and item arrived without any trouble.
I will shurely buy once again these tubes.
Sound is strong and subtle.

Shuguang WE845 feedback
It is a little confusing because, while both versions are copies of the Western Electric 284, the Psvane WE845 Replica’s are a copy of the 284 A, which was the first version. They list for $798 and have a street price of around
$700. The Shuguang WE845 Replica’s are copies of the later and superior 284 D version. United Electronics copied the Western Electric 284 D in the 1930′s to 1950′s. UE dubbed their version the 845 W. The “W” stood for
“warrized”, which meat in today’s jargon that they were “ruggardized” for military purposes. The Shuguang’s go for about $450 a pair, I am not sure of the official list price. In my opinion, they are priced backwards.
The Shuguang WE 845 Replica’s are the best 845, which I have heard since the United Electronics W’s of which I owned a pair. They are now the best reason to own 845 output tube based equipment. If you are listening to 300 B’s in a push-pull circuit because you need the extra power, these new 845′s represent a viable alternative.
845 equipment owner’s, roll the correct new WE845 in and rejoice!
I will be back after I get a chance to listen to the new Shuguang 211′s, which feature the same top chamber that their 845′s and UE W’s do. Western Electric used the top chamber to remove excess gas, which is why it was featured on many of it’s larger output tubes.

Shuguang WE211 feedback
The new ShuGuang 211 Replicas arrived today…
They first brought dismay, then a relaxed smile, then confidence and finally ecstasy.
Dismay because when I first opened the package, they looked exactly like their WE 845 replicas and I thought scam?
I relaxed smile, when they biased like 211s, not 845′s and finally ecstasy because they sound as good as my old United Electronic W’s. I like the ShuGuang Replica 211 slightly better then their 845. They are more transparent, which allows a slightly more forward presentation, which I like. Gentlemen, this just might be the best 211 / 845
produced since the good old days. I much prefer either in an SET circuit over even original Western Electric 300 B’s in a push-pull circuit.
WS Trader

Shuguang treasure KT88-Z Reviews
Hi Linda,

I received the tubes same day I enquired of the ship date.
I thought you might like to know my opinion and you may use this input on your web site as a positive testimony.

I recently installed a set of Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z tubes in my latest SET integrated tube amp build project. For the last 18 months I have experimented with different inter-stage coupling capacitors, input tubes, and power tubes trying to find some combination that would provide that last bit of improvement that I knew this build had. After many combinations tried, parts researched, purchased and returned to my parts bin, I purchased and installed a pair of the Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z tubes. The improvement was immediate, extreme, and oh so satisfying. Previously, this amp rolled off at the high and low end much sooner than I thought it should. With the KT88-Z tubes, the high and low ends are extended producing a much more balanced audio range. The lows are also much better defined, sounding more like notes and not tones. The same is true for the upper registers. Kettle drums are real, producing the skin effect while symbols ring ever so clear. The mid range is cleaner and simply sparkles. Additionally, imaging and presentation are improved. There is much more space between instruments and the image is no longer limited to 2 dimensions. I now have the 3 dimensional bubble that I have been striving for.

As an engineer and audio hobbyist, I highly recommend the Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z. It has brought me much closer to my audio goal.

Angel Audio

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Psvane 2015 New Version WE212-C

pavane WE212-C, 2015 new version, carbon anode.
Price: $1590.00 / pc, including all charges.
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Special offer product:

In order to appreciate your support for our products, we’ll have the favourable activity in the coming few days.

1. From Sep.10, we’ll have one special offer product for each 10days.
2. The special offer product will enjoy the same after service as the normal price product.
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4. If you have any other question, please send the email to [email protected]

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Feedback of Psvane WE211

First of all, – thank you very much for excellent customer service. The matched quad of Psvane WE 211 replicated version arrived to my private address already previous Tuesday, i.e 13 th of May. 

I have now played music / burn-in for about 35 hours ++ and it’s already “music made in heaven”  

If I chose to order a back-up set of 211 tubes —> – it will be a matched quad of Psvane WE 211 replicated version ! 

Thanks ! 

Yours faithfully 

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Shuguang WE300B,Western Electronics 300B Replicated version

Shuguang WE300B,Western Electronics 300B Replicated version, $720.00 / matched pair, more information please refer to Shuguang WE300B

Shuguang WE300B

Shuguang WE300B

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Psvane WE211,Western Electronics 242-C Replicated version, World exclusive debut!

Psvane WE211,Western Electronics 242-C Replicated version, World exclusive debut, $720.00 / matched pair, more information, please contact to [email protected]

Psvane WE211

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Psvane WE845, Western Electronics 284A Replicated Version

New Products!
Psvane WE845, Western Electronics 284A replicated version, World exclusive debut, $800.00 / matched pair, more information, please contact to [email protected]

Psvane WE845

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