12AX7 Tube Identification
Åke’s Tubedata
Allied Electronics Data Handbook
Amptone.com – Guitar Amp Tone
Andy’s Valve page
Antique Japanese Radios (*)
Antique Radio Page by Don Adamson
Aren’s Attic
Audio Asylum
Audio Design Guide by Andrea Ciuffoli
Audio Federation, Inc.
Audio Odyssey
Audio Valves Link Page
audioXpress.com – Audio Amateur, Inc. & Old Colony Sound Lab
AX84 – The Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project
Steven L. Bender’s Home Page
Blue Glow In Tubes FAQ
Bob’s Antique Radios
Bob’s Music/Audio/Electronics Page
Bona’s Audio Electronics Page
Bry’s Amateur Radio Links
Circlotron History Page
DEFBOO.CMD – VMS, Tube Audio, and Science
DHT Home Page by Alessandro Galavotti
Direct Heating
ECCLab – Wzmacniacze lampowe
Educypedia, The educational encyclopedia: tubes (*)
The EICO Page
EL84 Push-Pull Tube Amplifier Project
Electronics by Glenn Baddeley
Elliott Sound Products (*)
Emission Lab
Enjoy The Music Tube Lust Page
Essential Audio
Evolve Power Amplifiers
Exquisite Audio by James Yeung
The Fi Primer
The Fisher Radio Corporation
FlexiMusic Audio Editor
Gabe’s Tube Amplifiers ‘n’ Stuff
GEO – The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
Gerard’s Radio Corner
Greg’s Unofficial Dynaco Home Page
Harry’s Homebrew Homepage
HeadWize Library – Projects
Heathkit Virtual Museum
Hifi & Musik Homepage von Friedrich Stockhammer
Hong Kong Tube Audio Club (*)
Hugh’s Ominous Valve Works
JE Labs
Jiya’s Home Page
Joelist Unofficial Threaded Archive
Jogis Röhrenbude
John’s Valve Page (*)
Jonz Valve Page
Ken’s Home Page
KG4ERX Guide to Surplus Dealers
kiewa Valley stereo: audio
Kilokat’s Antique Light Bulb Site
Klangfilm Home!
LAMPIZATOR web site by Lukasz Fikus
LeBong Audio
MaxiTest LLC
Mike’s Electric Stuff
Pete Millett’s DIY Audio Pages
MT Audio Design (*)
The National Valve Museum – Virtually (*)
Nolan’s Redneck Boatanchor Page
Website about old radio literature by Gorm Helt-Hansen (*)
Oskari’s Tube Gallery
Pär’s EL34 / EF86 SET
PaT’s Tube & Recording Schematics
Phil’s Old Radios
Philips/Valvo/Mullard Valve Codes
Putz homepage
Quad World
Radios a válvulas by JLVillabona
Tim Reese’s Home Page
Roger Russell Home Page
Sams Technical Publishing
Schematic Heaven
Klaus Schiffer’s audio web site
Die Homepage von H.-T. Schmidt
SDS Labs – Quad ESL Refurbishing and Sheldon’s Audio Designs
Sergey’s small WEB corner
Skip Simmons Amp Repair
Soundbrigade Valvesite
The Stereo Console WEB Site
Steve’s Tube Pages
Suomen Radiohistoriallinen Seura ry – Finlands Radiohistoriska Sällskap rf – Radiohistorical Society of Finland
Thunderstone Audio by Thorsten Loesch
Time Bandit
Jukka Tolonen Home Page
Triode Dick
Triodeguy’s Homepage
Tube Amplifiers and Music Sources – Junji Kouchi Home Page
Tube Audio – Mikkel Corydon Simonsens hjemmeside
Tube CAD Journal
Tube Collectors Association
tubecollection.de by Udo Radtke
The Tubelar Page
Uli’s Homepage
The Vacuum Tube Page
Vacuum Tube Projects by Fred Nachbaur
Valves’ World
The Williamson Tube Amplifier
Chris Wolf’s Vintage Tube Audio
A World of Wireless – Radio Museum
World Tube Audio Portal
Wumpus’s Old Radio World (*)

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