2014 new YAQIN SD-35A 6N8P Valve Vacuum Tube Hi-End HDCD CD Player
YAQIN SD-35A Vacuum Tube CD Player
YAQIN SD-35A Vacuum Tube CD Player

The mechanical and electrical circuit characteristics:
1 Use CD dedicated Sanyo precision movement, good stability, its reading ability .
2 servo circuit using the Philips SAA7824 chip.
3 using the U.S. company PCM l732U BB and with HDCD decoder chip .
4 Use the excellent stable multilayer filter circuit, effectively remove the digital signal to your hi-fi music signal output.
5 using two low resistance to promote strong , gall 6N8P flavor and high-fidelity amplifier circuit OPA2604 op amp output ,Two groups are available.
6 with coaxial digital signal output terminal , external audio decoder.
7 The machine coupling circuit using fever- Philips nonpolar (MKP) capacitors and electrolytic dedicated audio enthusiast for filtering and blocking high-precision manufacturing gold .
8 dedicated power transformer silicon steel imported audio (thickness 0.35mm) and high-strength oxygen-free copper wire and special winding process production, make the machine less electromagnetic interference , driving strong, transparent sound quality and powerful.
Technical indicators
Audio output signal : 2.3V (± 0.5dB)
Frequency response : l0Hz-30kHz (± 0.3dB)
SNR : ≥ 110dB (A -weighted )

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