Psvane T300

Vacuum tube amplifier series: born for more than a year, praised highly by the music lovers all over the 40 countries worldwide .
Although high costs, we always persevere in creating artworks .
If you need to set up a high-class Hi-Fi system, PSVANE vacuum tube series is your best choice .


输入阻抗:100K 输入电压:250mV
输出功率:2×8W 输出阻抗:4、8Ω
频 响:15Hz-20KHz 失真:≤1.0%
信 噪 比:85dB 电源电压:AC 220V 50Hz
净 重:38Kg 电源功率:150VA
真 空 管:WE300B×2、CV181-T×2、274B×1、
体 积:宽580×高280×深425(mm)

Psvane T300 vacuum Tube Amplifier

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