Cooled HID Grow Lamp

byHydroponic growing gives home hobbyists great flexibility in designing their indoor gardens. Through clever design, a gardener can convert everyday household items into useful hydroponic equipment, at a fraction of the cost of commercially pre fabricated products. These can be HPS or MH, both types of bulbs are very similar for hydroponic growing applications. Used lights will work just as well as new or you could check the prices at one of the many online light distributors. This project can be scaled up to accomodate bulbs of any size just by following the same steps with a larger cabinet and glass piece for the heat cheap jerseys shield. Because most of the parts used for this conversion are common household items, the additional cost for a larger box is minimal. Make sure you keep any brackets, screws, washers, etc., as you may need them later. For the box, I used an old dresser drawer, but any solid, heat resistant box will do (not plastic or Rubbermaid, it will melt from the light’s heat). You’ll need a piece of glass for the heat shield. It can be as small as a square foot, just so long as it covers the area where you will mount your bulbs. Mark the area needed to hold the glass heat shield in place and cut the drawer down until it fits. Use the wood from the unneeded drawer length to make up the sides of your box, or use other scrap wood until you have a nice tight fit. Most dresser drawers have a groove where they fit into the dresser’s frame. Hopefully, you will be able to find something that will fit where you want to mount your new garden grow lights. If there are no suitable brackets or mount pieces, you should be able to find something usable at the local hardware store. Plasting ducting works very well for this purpose because it is flexible and can be stuffed through oval holes when desired. This allows you to cut a smaller hole in the sides of your light box while getting better airflow over your bulbs by using a wide, flat oval hole for ventilation. This box uses a 4″ hose, with an oval hole about 5 inches wide and only a little over 2 inches high. Even better would be to include a cheap metal reflector, bent around the inside of your box so it creates a nice tight fit. Now it’s finally time to mount the grow bulbs inside the box. Make sure you mount them where the hot bulbs will not be touching the sides or any brackets, screws, etc. You can use almost any type of fan for ventilation. Old fan type heaters, blowers, and computer fans are common household items that usually work well in hydroponic gardens. If you don’t have any of these laying around, computer fans are usually the cheapest option. You may have to snip wires or extend them in order to make everything fit, depending on your design. Whatever you do, be sure to use the right kind of wire and splice ends properly. Wire is cheap, don’t be tempted to skimp on this part and create an electrical hazard in your house. Drill a hole to pull the wires through, nail or screw the back on, and your box is complete. It is expected to give off between 4,500 and 5,000 lumens, with almost no heat buildup. Not too bad for under a hundred bucks.

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