Shuguang Natural Sound Vacuum Tube

There will be a new series of Shuguang named “Natural Sound” will come into the market from April,2012. The types including 300B-T, 845-T, 211-T, EL34B-T, 805A-T, KT88-T, 2A3-T, WE274B, 300BWE.

This series is the important product after the Shuguang Treasure series(Very famous black glass valves).It is based on Shuguang Treasure serie, and absorbing the advantages of the global outstanding tube, gone through upgrading and renovation for three years.

The materials is very particular for this series, Including Japanese Toshiba Thoriated tungsten filament (electron emission stability, long life),German high-density carbon anode, High-purity high-density vacuum smelting graphite,Platinum gate,High transparent lead-free glass,purity of 99.99% gold Plated base and pins. All production processes, handled by the staff which have 30 years of work experience. All tubes has been rigorously tested and precision matching before leaving the factory.More information please refer to:

Shuguang Nature Sound KT88-T Vacuum Tube

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